Our company
With a wide range of handling machines, SKAG allows all applications, starting with container elevators, emptying devices for drums and storage tanks, mobile drum turners and especially mixers for round or rectangular containers using the tumbling process.
SKAG meets the GMP requirements by integrating in the column and the blender arm, both splash-proof, the compact motor ensuring the mixing, the hydraulic control (without solenoid valves) and the lifting cylinder. PLC control and touch screen make our machine CE compliant.
The many successful applications were made possible with the SKAG drum and container clipping systems.
History of development
The new generations of machines of the last 20 to 25 years have their origins in the well known successful applications such as:
Type HVT   Type HVF   Type HVF (movable)   Typ HVFM
until 1989   until 1997   until 2001   from 1998